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Solutions for Senior Care Facilities

Better Care and Lower Costs—The Panasonic Solution

When empty beds equal lost revenue, patient satisfaction is more important than ever to maintaining a profitable senior care facility. A Panasonic Senior Care Facility Communications Solution is a scalable, cost-effective, fully-integrated communications and alarm management system that improves patient/resident satisfaction, caregiver morale and the company’s bottom line.


Feel Safer and More Connected

  • 911 call-origin location tracking
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use call boxes
  • Faster caregiver response times

Benefit From Enhanced Workflow That Improves Efficiency and Job Satisfaction

  • Step-saving, direct staff-to-resident communication
  • Direct staff-to-staff communication
    (voice or push to talk)
  • Intelligent alarm generation
  • Significant reduction in alarm fatigue
  • Real-time tracking of caregivers

Experience Higher Occupancy, More Efficient Staff Allocation, and Lower IT Costs

  • Fewer empty beds due to higher patient satisfaction
  • Reduced personnel costs and accurate billing allocation via alarm distribution analytics
  • Improved caregiver job satisfaction and less turnover

Maximize Staff Efficiency with Direct Care Connect and DCARE


Direct Care Connect (DCC) is alarm management application that not only escalates and records alarm response time for each caregiver, but also the frequency and associated urgency of each alarm. Response time metrics can be used by management to assess staff performance and identify high-performing employees. Alarm escalations can be programmed to roll to a variety of devices.

When integrated with an existing communications server, DCC offers an array of one-touch options for fielding patient-triggered alarms on cordless handsets and mobile devices. With a single touch, a nurse can choose to accept or reject an alarm or call and speak directly with the patient. If a nurse is unable to field the page, the alarm will roll to a series of pre-assigned backups until answered.

Who generates the alarms?

  • Nurse call systems integrated with DCC*
  • Fire alarm systems*
  • Door and window sensors*
  • Panasonic KX-DTU100 call boxes

Who receives the alarms?

  • Text or audio messages on DCare mobile handsets
  • Text messages on Panasonic cordless DECT terminals, such as the KX-TCA385
  • SMS messages to caregivers or supervisors
  • Email messages to caregivers or supervisors




Schedule Optimization

Direct Care Connect features a robust, built-in report generation function that pinpoints trends that allow administrators to affect optimal scheduling—so, for example, higher-paid RNs aren’t overutilized during hours when CNAs would suffice. Caregivers using DCare-enabled Android devices can easily be tracked when Bluetooth® sensors are installed.

Customization Options

The Panasonic Senior Care Facility Communications Solution can be customized for integration with building hardware and software systems such as door sensors and fire alarms or with databases.*

*Some systems may not be compatible.

DCARE is a BYOD mobile application that leverages your existing Wi-Fi network to turn Android only mobile devices into PBX extensions capable of receiving and responding to alarms. With DCare, you can create customized alarm groups to include orderlies or cleaning and maintenance personnel. In facilities with larger alarm traffic, DCare shows all alarm activity in DCC in real time.







DECT Cordless Handsets

DECT Cordless Handsets Ensure a Secure and Reliable Communication Network for Caregivers

A Panasonic DECT Cordless Handset replaces fragile walkie-talkies and speeds up response times by letting roaming nurses immediately speak with patients from anywhere, ideal for areas of the facility without Wi-Fi coverage. Questions can be answered without a room visit and medicine or other items can be retrieved on the way to the room.

KX-DTU100 Digital Communications Terminal—The Clear Choice for Patients and Caregivers


Senior care facility nurses and other caregivers understand the critical importance of clear, two-way communication with residents calling from their room or elsewhere in the facility. Poor voice quality can burn valuable staff hours through needless room visits. The KX-DTU100 Digital Communications Terminal is a cost-effective alternative to traditional nurse call terminals and leverages Panasonic’s industry-leading DECT communications technology, enabling smooth, crystal-clear call quality between caregiver and resident.

Easy to Hear, Easy to Use

A full duplex speakerphone lets each party clearly hear the other without jarring interruptions, even if their voices overlap. A large, 4-level volume control button has been designed for easy operation, especially by the elderly. A prominent red call button is lit by an always-on LED light.

Centralized Management

Centralized Management

The KX-DTU100 can be administered through a centralized communications server, so administration is efficient and convenient. Three one-touch buttons can be centrally programmed as simple speed dials and can also play back pre-recorded information of commonly asked questions such as the day’s food and drink menu or general facility announcements, saving staff hours otherwise spent on the phone.

Connectivity to External Devices

You can easily expand communication options by connecting the KX-DTU100 to call cords or pull switches where additional alarm triggers are needed—in the bathroom, for example. Or add an analog phone by simply plugging it into the KX-DTU100*. Better still, you can more effectively manage and respond to patient-triggered alarms using our DECT cordless handsets or Android devices connected to Wi-Fi. The result is a single, comprehensive communications solution that’s efficient and requires fewer resources to administer.

Mounting Options

*Hybrid card required.


The unit is powered by the communications server eliminating the need for extra wiring or battery monitoring and replacement.

Easy Maintenance

Because the KX-DTU100 connects to existing phone wiring, installation is easy and cost effective.

Powerful Software Add-Ons

Customize your Panasonic Senior Care Facility Communications Solution with our optional applications software.


Call Accounting lets you quickly and easily set up billing functionality for individual rooms—DID or direct analog lines—and then charge on a monthly basis based on telephone usage. It also logs incoming, outgoing and internal calls and creates historical reports letting you better control expenses while accurately allocating costs.

Key Features

  • Automatically alert key personnel when 911 or other “hot numbers” are dialed
  • Reject and immediately block unwanted calls without accessing communications server
  • Block outgoing calls without having to log in to phone system
Appointment Reminder


Program Dial Out Notification to alert predefined recipients via desktop or cordless extension, email or text that an inbound and/or outbound call was placed to or from a PBX extension. Quick-response personnel are instantly alerted whenever 911 is dialed from within the facility and workers at the front desk can direct police or EMTs upon their arrival.

Key Features

  • Customer service after hours
  • Improved customer service
  • Fewer staff hours spent fielding or making calls
  • Revenue enhancement via decrease in appointment no shows


SIP IVR reduces costs associated with fielding routine calls by providing automated inbound/outbound call interactions based on touch-tone or voice commands supplied by callers/customers. Residents or their relatives can check account balances or quickly and easily have their call routed to the desired party without tying up the staff.

Appointment Reminder automatically notifies residents and their family of upcoming appointments or periodic events via outbound call, email or text message. You’ll see a quick return on investment due to a decrease in no-shows and fewer staff hours spent on the phone.

Key Features

  • Call usage monitoring and billing for individual rooms
  • Easy call accounting reports and billing setup by department, system, extension or incoming/outgoing number
  • Print, schedule, email and export reports
  • Detailed call logs

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