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Panasonic Mobile Softphone

Linking Business with Versatile Mobility

Panasonic Mobile Softphone is an easy-to-use, highly secure smartphone application that provides workers with flexible audio and video calls inside or outside the office network. It lets you use your smartphone just the way you want, while maximizing mobility and minimizing costs.

Seamless Connection as PBX Extension

The employee's smartphone can be registered as a company extension number with the Mobile Softphone application. It enables flexible audio and video calls in/out of offices without using their private phone number.

Push Notification

Push Notification informs you of incoming calls without having to start up an application. Since the application does not need to be constantly running, your smartphone battery lasts longer.

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No Additional Server Needed

There's no need for an additional server, so get started with the Mobile Softphone right away. And as an added benefit, Mobile Softphone also supports SIP-TLS (Transport Layer Security) for added security.

Complete Panasonic Solution

From hardware to application, every component is designed and manufactured by Panasonic to greatly simplify system management and provide enhanced security to prevent non-Panasonic clients from connecting.

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