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Solutions for Non-Profit Industry


Powerful, Affordable Solutions that perhaps no other industry has felt the effects of the tightening economy as much as non-profit organizations. Houses of worship, charities and community organizations, foundations, and many other institutions rely on donations and tend to be understaffed and reliant on a short-term, rotating cadre of volunteers.

Non-profits must compete with each other for an ever-shrinking pool of dollars, members, volunteers and patrons, just as their private business counterparts compete for customers. When it comes to communications, non-profit organizations find themselves confronted with unique challenges:

We can't afford a dedicated telephone receptionist. How can we ensure callers receive a proper greeting?

Solution: Call Routing and DECT Wireless Handsets

Your Panasonic phone system can be programmed so that new membership inquiries or other priority business will roll through a pre-set progression of extensions until answered by a staff member.

Panasonic DECT Wireless Handsets let you take the benefits of your desk phone anywhere in the building. So an administrator won’t miss an important call because he has to walk down to the school and a secretary can still answer the main phone number even if he has to walk over to the next building.

We don’t have IT staff so our communications system has to be rock-solid reliable with phones that are easy to use.

Solution: Panasonic Reliability and Easy Operation Panasonic is renowned as a premier manufacturer of intuitive, easy-to-use and reliable telephone systems.* Flexible keys work the same from phone to phone, reducing the learning curve. New employees and volunteers will be up to speed in no time with voice mail, call transfer, call forwarding, voice mail to email and other powerful features that streamline communications and improve efficiency. Meanwhile, Panasonic stands behind your investment with a powerful standard warranty that includes an extended service option of up to seven y

We have mobile workers and telecommuters. How can we keep them in the home office communications loop?

Solution: Flexible Networking for Remote Workers Non-profit organizations need to support workers in the field, delivering aid and services to those in need. A Panasonic Business Telephone System lets you link multiple offices, work-from-home volunteers and field workers under a single communications hub. Everyone stays connected whether they’re in the next office or next town.

A voice mail to email feature delivers important voice messages to a PC or smartphone as an audio file, freeing workers from dialing into the system as well as enabling them to forward phone messages via email.

Panasonic Business Telephone Systems - The Best Choice for the Non-Profit Industry

Empowers Understaffed Operations

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Routing
  • DECT Wireless Handsets

Keeps Everyone Connected, No Matter their Location

  • Flexible Networking Options

Gentle Learning Curve

  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Phones
  • Tutorials

A Manufacturer that Stands Behind the Product

  • Panasonic Quality, Service & Support
  • Powerful Standard Warranty and an Extended Service Option of up to seven years

Versatile Connection Options

Panasonic system telephones offer unlimited connection options—from traditional analog phones to cutting-edge IP phones—that will fit the needs of your growing business and your budget.

Analog Phones

Affordable and reliable, our analog phones are the ideal choice for traditional wiring configurations.
Analog phones

IP Phones

Innovative and designed for maximum flexibility, our IP phones let you connect to your office system from anywhere by simply plugging them into an Ethernet port.
IP phones

DECT Wireless Phones

Our multi-cell wireless phones let you take the benefits of your desk phone with you anywhere in the building. We even have a ruggedized model that stands up to accidental drops and splashes.
DECT wireless phones

Digital Phones

Feature-rich yet affordable, our digital phones will boost your productivity while keeping you within budget.
Digital phones

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A Partner that Stands with You

Panasonic recognizes and values the role non-profit organizations play in the community as an often last-resort provider of critical services to those in need. We demonstrate our commitment to you with discount pricing programs and free extended warranties for qualified 501(c)(3) organizations.

Contact Phone Connection for more information about special pricing
for qualified Southern California non-profit organizations.